Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Another GBBO contestant - Richard Burr

Another week and another GBBO contestant! This time it was the lovely Richard Burr who was the finalist in last years GBBO.
I went with a few of my friends from the baking club that I go to - There were about 20 people there in total, It was hosted in a new venue that has just opened up in Wawick called Okens Kitchen
Okens Kitchen ( photo by Martin Sean)

 It is a beautiful place - there are worktops and ovens and lots of lovely pretty bunting festooned ( love that word!) around the place it looks really pretty.

Okens Kitchen ( photo by Martin Sean)

 Richard did a demonstation of a bread called ChallahRolls which I haven't heard of before - it is a typical Jewish bread made from an enriched dough. Richard made the dough and then we all had a go at twirling it into a rose type effect - He of course made it look so easy

Richard twirling his dough!

 - How hard can it be to roll out some dough and twist it a little? Here is my attempt at a Rose.......
Before it was cooked

My finished bake
The recipe can be found in his book.......

Recipe from his book

Whilst the bread was in the oven Richard talked to us about his time on GBBO , he said that all the contestants on that series are really good friends and see each other all the time and he is hosting a xmas party for them all this year. It sounds like they had a lot of fun filming on and off the camera! 
We also had a mini bake off - we all had to bring in a bake of Buns. I could only think of Chelsea buns and I haven't made those before but I am always up for a challenge! So I found a recipe online and adapted it a little as I only had dates and walnuts and covered it with mini gingerbread men.It took nearly all day to make - lots of proving and in between all of this I was entertaining a 3 year old and 1 year old! I was really pleased with my finished bake .

My interpretation of Chelsea Buns

The competition was fierce  - there were some lovely bakes , we had a cup of tea and sampled them all then had to rank our 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice annouymously - Richard gave us a pencil to do our scoring!!!

 - Hilariously all three winners were from our baking club - it looked like a fix but it wasn't!

Richard announcing the winners - all from our Baking club!!

Included in the price of the ticket was a copy of his book BIY

 and we all had an opportunity to have photos and it signed - he was so generous with his time and spoke to everyone at great lengths

 - I had to dash back to little Henry as I had to feed him and put him to bed but did manage to stay for a group photo.

The evening was lovely - Richard is a really funny, smiley and happy person and seemed to enjoy chatting and answering all our questions - it must have been a little intimidating for him as it was all women!
Some of the photos are from Martin Sean 
Last weekend I went to see a Masterchef chef.... John Torode ... blog post at some point!!....

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