Monday, 25 March 2013

Bonfire cupcakes

Bonfire night is always a good time for me as this is when my Boyfriend and I went on our first date and now look where we are ! We celebrated with our 2 month old daughter and other family and I made these cupcakes.. do they look like Bonfires???

Friday, 22 March 2013

A christening cake

Nearly a year ago my best friend asked me to be god parent to her second son! I was and still am delighted to have been asked and of course said yes. Then before i could stop myself i had offered to make a cake for the event and then started panicking as I'm not really that good! But thought what the heck!
The day was lovely and everyone had a great time. I read the children's book Guess how much i love you by Sam Mcbratney it is such a sweet story about little nutbrown hare and big nutbrown hare telling each other how much they love the other one. It had my friend in tears which was a result as we were always trying to make each other cry so I won that round!

Back to the cake! I wanted it to be a traditional christening cake but an easy one so I used the easy Christmas cake from Baking made easy by Lorraine Pascale and true to its word it was easy and didn't need weeks to mature. I'm also not the most gifted or have enough patience when it comes to decorating cakes, I have the ideas but half the time they turn out `weird`. Over the fruit cake I used marzipan and the cheated by buying ready made icing and cunningly draped it over to make it look like a blanket! The bear was made in a cake decorating course that I started but only managed to go to the first lesson it was so long ago that I can't remember why I couldn't go to the other sessions now, but I did enjoy making the bear however I haven't tried it again.....yet. Round the edge there are bought daisy flowers and the flowers and ribbon were ones found to fill the gap. For a first attempt I was very pleased and it tasted delicious and moist. Will make it again for my Godsons 21st ha ha ha!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Courgette & Walnut cupcakes

So.. here is the start to one of the posts that I didn't blog ....

We had a Pirate day at work recently (as you do) and I made some courgette and walnut cupcakes. They were from the new Hummingbird bakery cookbook. I have wanted to make this cake for a while and just needed an excuse so this was perfect! it is supposed to be a triple layer cake but I made them into cupcakes. They were similar to the delicious carrot cake and very moist. I don't think they worked as well as cupcakes as they would have been as a giant cake but they all seemed to be eaten....
Not a very good photo....

How long????

Well... seems I haven't posted for a while!!! in fact it has been over 2 years! my how time has flown! Lots has happened as you would expect it to in 2 years... in no particular order.... But starting with my lovely cats.. Rex has been rehomed to Cardiff and sadly lovely Elvis has died but his ashes are in the boot of my car and have been for over a year... just need to find a nice spot for him!I have moved to Leamington Spa and live with my lovely boyfriend, I've had a baby girl who is 5 months already ... think that is it... I have a lot of cakes to upload too... so watch this space....