Friday, 4 September 2015

Foodie Penpals - August

I joined in with foodie pen pals this month after an abscence of over  year - I have missed getting a surprise parcel of foody goodies every month!
My lovely parcel came from Christine  and I sent a parcel to Ellie . Its such a fun idea - I love finding little items to send and every parcel I have had has been fantastic and this months was such a treat!
This is my box of goodies 

Arent they fab - everything was labeled with an Alice in Wonderland tags ( want them!!) and a description on the back of where they were from and how to use. There were also some lovely recipes which I will definately be doing..

I have tried a few things so far

This was delicious - one of the best cups of tea - lovely, strong and refreshing which is my perfect cup of tea. would love to have this all the time but don't think my budget can stretch to Fortnum and Mason tea everyday . There are another 2 sachets which I will save for special me time!

**photo of granola**

I love Granola and have it most days with 0% vanilla yoghurt so it was lovely to try a new flavour - This was Peach, Orange and peach with puffed wheat and bran flakes in - delicious - it was a fruity explosion with every bite - yum!

There are some spices which I will be using and a recipe card for something called Bitmap which I haven't heard of .

Will try this as a vegetarian version... will report back...

I'm not a real lover of popcorn but always manage to eat it! Will save this for an evening with a good film (which Christine has suggested on her tag)

Aren't these a lovely size! I love minature things ! Looking forward to trying these with a delicious salad.

Overall I was delighted with everything and look forward to next months parcel! If you would like to join in then click here 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hello Fresh....meal 2

So the second of my Hello Fresh meals was Coconut Dhal with Homemade Chapati.
This is a meal that I haven't ever attempted before so I was pleased to be making this.

As usual all he ingredients were included.

The recipe was so easy to follow and everything is weighed out - Here are my hands making chapati! That was messy!

So here is the finished dish and a photo of the 'proper' one!

 A close up!

So my thoughts on this meal.... Easy to make and tasted delicious- I forgot how much I loved lentils, but there wasn't enough for 2 people which was unusual for one of their recipes as there is normally enough for a meal the next day . I will be making this one again but maybe doubling the quantity!