Monday, 28 June 2010

Kitties and Piggies!

Its so hot here at the moment!! I am trying hard not to complain about it as I know that this good weather can't last! I made some animal cupcakes for a village fete this weekend and had great fun creating them! I knew that I definitely wanted to make a cat one as I am slightly obsessed with cats ( have 2 and a half of my own - the half one isn't mine but thinks she lives with me and my other 2 don't seem to mind her having a sleep over!) and the pig was a photograph that I saw on the internet when I was trawling through pages and pages cupcakes looking for inspiration. I am very pleased with the outcome , the cakes were lemon sponge with lemon icing - the only downside was that as it was so hot they did start to melt a little bit .... but I'm not complaining!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Chocolate Pistachio Fudge

This is sooooooo unbeliveably easy and absolutely scrummy!

It is from Nigellas Express cookery book called Chocolate Pistachio fudge. I made quite a lot of it for the fancy dress party I went to recently but the good news is that you can freeze it ! In fact it tastes a lot better straight from the freezer. However I don't know how long it will last there for as I can hear it calling me whenever I open the freezer door!

You can experiment with different types of nuts or maybe add some dried fruit and it is great as home made presents so thats this xmas presents sorted!