Monday 28 June 2010

Kitties and Piggies!

Its so hot here at the moment!! I am trying hard not to complain about it as I know that this good weather can't last! I made some animal cupcakes for a village fete this weekend and had great fun creating them! I knew that I definitely wanted to make a cat one as I am slightly obsessed with cats ( have 2 and a half of my own - the half one isn't mine but thinks she lives with me and my other 2 don't seem to mind her having a sleep over!) and the pig was a photograph that I saw on the internet when I was trawling through pages and pages cupcakes looking for inspiration. I am very pleased with the outcome , the cakes were lemon sponge with lemon icing - the only downside was that as it was so hot they did start to melt a little bit .... but I'm not complaining!

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