Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Clandestine Cake club

I went to my first Clandestine Cake Club a couple of weeks ago - For those of you who haven't heard of them, they are a cake club! This is from their website Bake, eat and talk about Cake. Gather in secret locations, UK & overseas. Not like any other club. It’s all about CAKE. 
There is a club in Leamington Spa and has been going for a few months but I haven't been able to make any of the dates until now. Each meeting has a different theme and this months was 'Free From....' so a cake with something missing. I had a look on the internet and found a recipe for a dairy and gluten free Blueberry and Coconut cake and thought that sounded delicious and easy! It used Coconut oil instead of butter and Coconut flour instead of normal flour. I found the oil very easily in Morrisons and for only 99p which I thought was a good price , I hadn't seen coconut flour before but found out that Holland and Barratt sold it so popped in and bought some. Its a lot pricier than normal flour but you don't use a lot of it.
This is the recipe that I used .

It was easy to make , I hadn't used the coconut flour before and it is a little different to normal flour in that it soaks up any liquid very fast! But this was mentioned in Victorias recipe so I was prepared. Peeping through the oven door it had risen beautifully but as I took it out it flopped to a very pathetic state! When I went to the cake meeting not only was I late and everyone was tucking in but I also had to apologise for my sorry little cake! But the good news was that it tasted delicious and a few people asked for the recipe which was flattering so I didn't feel too bad after that.

Probably the best thing about the Clandestine Cake Clubs are that you get to take home everyone elses cakes!! So I came back with 6 different types of cake which was good! There were 18 cakes in total and some of them were divine and you could see that some people had taken some time making them - unlike me who only had the time it takes a 10 month old to have a morning nap.
I felt a bit self conscious at the meeting as I went on my own and everyone else had a friend with them and thought it would look a bit geeky and weird if I took photos of the cakes so didn't! and I also forgot to take a picture of my finished cake! but as it was so easy I made another one the next day and took it to my mums for afternoon tea.
 My brother and his wife came to say goodbye  (above with Molly) as they were off on a 7 month holiday - lucky things..

I will defintely make this cake again and look forward to the next Clandestine Cake Meeting.....

Monday, 26 August 2013

Meal planning monday

Meal Planning Monday

It feels like Sunday today. Its bank holiday Monday and the sun is still shining! Hurray.
This week I'm going to 'try' and be healthier..... So no cakes with coffee ... Its going to be tough.... I've also decide to have a go at the Riverford veg boxes, every 2 weeks. As I live on the 2nd floor flat it will be lovely for someone to deliver and save my poor legs from carrying it up all the stairs....
Mon - Salmon in ginger with roast potatoes and fresh sweet corn
Tues - delve into my Riverford box!!!
Weds - Quorn stir fry
Thurs - low cal fish pie
Fri - Some sort of Nut roast.
If you would like to take part or have a look at everyone else's meals for the week look  at 'At home with Mrs M' here.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Almond and Lemon cookies

I love all things lemony..From home made lemon curd (so easy and delicious) to a G&T (in another lifetime I would liked to have had a Gin bar!!! How fab would that be!! Only serving Gin and Tonics there are soo many different types now! I'd be legless half the time though but happy! Ha ha) I had some lemon curd in the fridge that needed using up so trawled the internet and found these little bad boys Almond and Lemon buttons  not just any biscuits ... They have lemon curd inside them....oh yes! I had to give them a go especially as all the comments said how easy they were!!! So whilst Molly Wobbles was having her morning siesta I made these.

 Think I made them a little on the large size! they are called Buttons but mine were definately Biscuits. the recipe says they make 20..... I made 10..... we had 4 of them and the rest I put in the freezer for when I am desperate for a biscuit.... they won't last that long then!

Mmmm yummy lemon curd ooozing out of the middle....

As this is using te leftover lemon curd I am entering it into Elizabeth's Kitchen No Food Waste - Anything goes challenge this month....

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Meal planning.... Tuesday!

Meal Planning Monday

One day late !
Last week was a bit of a disaster in the meal planning! I only managed to do one of the planned meals!! And that was the courgette and Lancashire  cheese crumble from Nigel Slater - it was delicious It is a bit retro I used all the leftover bits of cheese ... So this week I am already on to a bad start as it is already Tuesday!
I'm not going to restrict myself and have chosen to have a fishy week and am using Delia Smiths Collection - Fish.. and also making things up of the left overs in the fridge! Best meals!
Tuesday - Roasted Cod topped with Sun dried tapanade
Wednesday - Roasted Vegetables
Thursday - Smoked Haddock with creme fraiche chive and butter sauce
Friday - Thai Salmon filo parcels

I'm also going to make some meringues as I have lots of egg whites leftover from making ice-cream...

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tomato Salad with Basil

I love tomatoes and my favorite ones are the Spanish sort - big beefy and juicy... like these below...

They are huge! This photo is from my recent trip to Spain, these tomatoes were in the window of the local green grocers and were so cheap as well.

It's still lovely and sunny which is a surprise, I just fancied a sunny simple dish at the weekend and have a pot of basil that is exploding on the windowsill

It looks a little droopy here! I have now watered it - poor thing
I decided I needed tomatoes , mozzarella , avocado , basil and olive oil - choose your favorite tomatoes - chop everything and add some good fruity olive oil..mmmmm... You could also add some grated Parmesan or olives.

You can't really see too well from the photos but there are a mixture of plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and some lovely yellow ones too.
Oh it was delicious! Served with some toasted olive brushetta bread that I discovered in my new favorite shop Aldi .....
I shall enter this into a new blog challenge that I have recently discovered  by Karen over at Lavender and Loveage
This months challenge is to cook with herbs.

Cooking with Herbs

Monday, 5 August 2013

Meal planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

Monday again!
Last weeks meals sort of went to plan... I made enough vegetable and Lentil stew on Monday to feed an army! I always make too much but this was ridiculous! So I used the left overs and made a delicious (if I say so myself !) Lasagne which we had later in the week. I couldn't do all of my intended meals as I lent the Bill Granger book to my mum!
So this week I am going to use Nigel Slaters Kitchen Diaries and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls River Cottage Veg.
Monday- Roasted spiced aubergines with chickpeas (river cottage)
Tuesday- off to London to visit my sisters!!
Wednesday - North African squash & chickpea stew (river cottage)
Thursday - Courgette and Lancashire cheese crumble (kitchen diaries)
Friday - Grilled monkfish with rosemary (kitchen diaries)

Mmm starving now ! Off to have some leftover carrot cake that I found in the freezer ...

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Foodie Penpal

It comes round quick doesn't it!
This is my 3rd parcel and I love everything about the whole process.. contacting other penpals to find out what they like/dislike and then browsing the local delicatessents for yummy things to get! This month I had a lovely person to give a parcel to and a lovely parcel received!
Look at all these gorgeous items...
This month my parcel was from a  lady called Susan who sadly doesn't have a blog to link to - we exchanged some lovely e-mails and fro the contents I received it transpires that we do have similar tastes! I love mediterranean cooking which
Susan called my box of delights a parcel to celebrate 'Sunshine and Holidays' with items from her four favourite European countries - France , Germany, Italy and Spain -  what a fab idea!! I may steal this thought for a future foodie parcel !
Included in this delicious creation were ...
Bonne Mamen Jam - from france - Raspberry is my favourite!
Hit Chocolate biscuits - From Germany - delicious - you can see from the picture that I have nibbled these already ! couldn't wait!
Lavazza Coffee - From Italy - I love coffee and reward myself with a real coffee everyday so always very pleased to try some.
De Cecco Pasta - Italien pasta - have seen this in the supermarkets before but haven't tried it
Chorizo - from Spain - I love chorizo and as I have a Veggie boyfriend I don't tend to buy meat just for me so this is very welcome!
Olives - from Spain - As soon as Stephen saw these his eyes lit up and said 'I'll try those for you!' Very kind of him!
Moom and Haribo - from Germany - These will go down very well!
Gorgeous parcel - thank you so much Susan....

I also exchanged some friendly emails with a very lovely lady called Liz who also doesn't have a blog . I sent her some of the yummy finds that I bought back from Spain and I have heard back and she said she loves them which so nice to hear - this is a lovely way to make new friends...... I wonder who I will get next....
why not sign up its a lot of fun....
If you would like to participate next month and live in the uk.. click here ...