Monday 26 August 2013

Meal planning monday

Meal Planning Monday

It feels like Sunday today. Its bank holiday Monday and the sun is still shining! Hurray.
This week I'm going to 'try' and be healthier..... So no cakes with coffee ... Its going to be tough.... I've also decide to have a go at the Riverford veg boxes, every 2 weeks. As I live on the 2nd floor flat it will be lovely for someone to deliver and save my poor legs from carrying it up all the stairs....
Mon - Salmon in ginger with roast potatoes and fresh sweet corn
Tues - delve into my Riverford box!!!
Weds - Quorn stir fry
Thurs - low cal fish pie
Fri - Some sort of Nut roast.
If you would like to take part or have a look at everyone else's meals for the week look  at 'At home with Mrs M' here.

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