Tuesday 1 September 2015

Hello Fresh....meal 2

So the second of my Hello Fresh meals was Coconut Dhal with Homemade Chapati.
This is a meal that I haven't ever attempted before so I was pleased to be making this.

As usual all he ingredients were included.

The recipe was so easy to follow and everything is weighed out - Here are my hands making chapati! That was messy!

So here is the finished dish and a photo of the 'proper' one!

 A close up!

So my thoughts on this meal.... Easy to make and tasted delicious- I forgot how much I loved lentils, but there wasn't enough for 2 people which was unusual for one of their recipes as there is normally enough for a meal the next day . I will be making this one again but maybe doubling the quantity!

1 comment:

  1. Disappointing on the quantities then - I've always expect to get three meals out of a two person recipe from them, so that's a shame. Making chapatis looks fun though! :)