Wednesday 20 October 2010

Gingerbread biscuits

I love to give food as presents - it gives me a reason to experiment in the kitchen again! I tend to use my friends as guinea pigs and I don't think any of them mind! So for a friends birthday I decided to use my biscuit cutters that I have never used. Biscuits seem to be the latest 'send in the post' craze or maybe I just happen to stumble across these websites more than any others. My favourite is biscuiteers and I have sent a couple of biscuit cards to people - normally when I have forgotten their birthdays! So I decided to have a go.... I don't think Biscuiteers should be worried about losing business from me for a while! Not the most beautiful looking ones but for a first attempt I was happy with them and so was my friend.. that is she sounded pleased to get them and has 2 boys who would certainly eat them!

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