Thursday 16 May 2013

WI Bake off!!!!

In my attempt to make new friends since moving to a new town I have joined the WI! I thought it would be full of women of a certain age drinking tea and eating cake well the tea and cake is true but the age range has changed. They are called the Lighter WI and the women are in their 30's,40's and 50's so I slipped easily into one of these brackets!
Anyway this month they had a Bake off! I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a cake! I meant to look for a new recipe from one of the hundreds of cookery books that I have but I forgot that looking after a 7 month old is time consuming so I made an easy one that I have done before. A white chocolate and raspberry cake recipe from the winner of the TV show the Bake Off John Whaite Bakes .
It wasn't as pretty looking as I wanted it to be but I wasn't going to make another one....
It doesn't look that gorgeous does it?  ! I blame the photo myself! I was in a rush to get out the house and grabbed the camera and took these 2 photos and they were in the tin!

Unfortunately I didn't win, but did have comments to say that the taste was delicious. It was a really good evening as there were some fantastic bakes and we got to try them all !! What could be better? Next time will give myself a bit more time... ha ha who am I kidding , will leave it till the last minute again!

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