Sunday 16 June 2013

Good Food Show

I have been on holiday to Spain which I will blog about in the next few days but I have a backlog of items to share! I went to the Good Food Show in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago with Molly and my Mum. It was a good day out and we all tried lots of different things - yummy!! Molly especially liked the yogurts. I tried some chocolate wine which I thought would be like a Baileys type of drink but it looked like wine and smelt of chocolate - not sure whether I could drink a whole glass of it. I also tried some delicious fudge which I could have eaten a slab of but I don't think my thighs or waistline would have liked it so I reluctantly ran past the stand! I bought some lovely little cakes from a company called Sponge . They were so cute and such a lovely idea ( I bought one for my foodie pen-pal this month - very handy to have gone to the show!) I chose the Carrot Cake, Chocolate and Sticky Toffee pudding ones, Stephen and I had them for tea. They are beautifully packaged and make lovely presents to send to people. I also bought some Christmas tree sprinkles for cupcakes and a lovely cat shaped cookie cutter which I have used and will post a photo of this week.
 I forgot to take photos as I was too busy trying all the samples and this is the only photo I took - look at the size of these meringues!!!

It as a long day but am very tempted to go to the Christmas one....

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