Friday 6 September 2013

Cheats Caramel Cupcakes

Always one to cut corners! I bought some fairy cake mix  - I know they are easy to make but they were on offer and I can't resist a bargain! All I did was add an egg , splash of water and a little bit of butter -there wasn't a lot of mixture and the cake cases that came with it were tiny but they came out ok. The icing that came in the packet was just icing sugar so I added some butter and a little milk to make a buttercream and then some Carnation Caramel.
 I am useless at piping and making the icing look lovely but am getting a little better ( these ones were the best of the bunch!) I am going on a cupcake decorating course in October so maybe can pick up some hints and tips!

I added some chocolate cherubs that had gold glitter on that I bought from Sainsburys.

The sponge tasted fine and I am glad that I added the caramel and chocolate to the top of them - turning boring packet mix into something that looks like you have spent a lot of time on - my kind of baking!

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