Thursday 19 September 2013

Chocolate beetroot brownies

I was dismayed to find some beetroot in my veg box this week (as well as some cabbage...bleugh!) So searched the internet to find a cake recipe that could disguise the taste of them. I found a Chocolate Beetroot Brownie recipe on the good old BBC good food website.
One of the main things that I find unpleasant about beetroot apart from the taste , is the smell of them when cooking! Reminds me of school dinners although I'm not sure that we had them at school!
This recipe requires little handling of them just a blast in the microwave and then a blitz in the food processor. There wasn't too much of an aroma and it wasn't as offensive as I remember!

I deviated slightly from the original recipe by adding less beetroot than stated as that is all I had and was certainly not buying more ! I also added some walnuts that I had.
I didn't think I would be licking the bowl ( cooks prerogative) as the thought of them wasn't appealing but I couldn't help myself and I was excited to find that it wasn't horrid!!
I used a couple of heart silicone moulds for a change

But the main bit of the cake was in a Pampered Chef dish that my mum gave me which I adore and use all the time.

The finished brownies have a slight purplish tint to them , I nervously tasted them and to my surprise they are gorgeous! They aren't too sweet and have a lovely cake texture to them, you can tell that there is a mystery ingredient which isn't unpleasant and unless someone told you you'd never know it was there!

 Definitely worth adding walnuts for the texture. They were delicious warm and would be great with vanilla ice cream.
I would  make these again and I have found a carrot cake recipe that uses beetroot too so I won't be alarmed if they are in my veg box next time.... Now what to do to disguise my cabbage....cabbage cake??

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