Friday 1 November 2013

Foodie Penpals - October

I have missed my monthly parcel and decided last month to get back into Foodie Penpals. My Food-pal for October was the lovely Kate, we had some fun email exchanges  and I had a great time  finding Autumn inspired items to send to her , You can see what I sent her by looking at her blog here.
I am pleased to see that she liked the things I selected! It's always a bit nerve racking wondering whether your food-pal will like them.
My parcel was from Carol of Corpulent Capers   This was Carol's first month participating and we exchanged some lovely emails and discovered that we both have large collection of cookbooks!
Carol sent me some delicious items and none that I have used before so I was very pleased to be able to try them.              

Pumpkin puree - I have heard of this and wondered what it would be like and now I have the opportunity to try it ! In her card Carol advised me of the recipe for Pumpkin Pie on the side of the tin so will have a go at this.
Pepper and Chilli Jelly - Carol said that this would be good in gravy which is something that I wouldn't have thought of doing.
Blackcurrant Coulis - Looking forward to trying this on vanilla ice cream or on pancakes mmmmmm.

A fab parcel and I am pleased I am back in the Foodie Pen Pal loop! Roll on next month.....

If you would like to take part click here and if you would like to see what other people have received in their parcels this month then click here

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