Saturday 16 January 2016

Disaster with Silicone moulds!!

I promised myself that I wouldn't make a lot of sweet things this month as I may have overdosed on sugar and puddings in the last few months! But I couldn't stop myself the other day saying that I would bring some cakes to a playdate that Molly was invited to. My reasoning behind this is that I can bake and then share the goodies so that I don't eat them all. So I decided to make some cakes using my new Hello Kitty mould that I bought ages ago

 - I had heard that getting the cakes out was a problem so I did my research and sprayed with oil, let them cool in the mould upside down so they would come out and this is the result.....

oops not good! So having spent the afternoon making these I only had a limited amount of time to make something else - shortbread - easy and quick. I found this Nigella Vanilla shortbread recipe that is in her Forever Summer book - they are easy peasy instead of putting them in a tin like Nigella does I  made heart shapes out of them.

They are delicious - they melt in your mouth and are lovely and crumbly. Would be lovely dipped in chocolate and given as presents.

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