Thursday 8 February 2018

Princess Party with Baking Mad and Talk To Mums

Last weekend I had a lovely kids party for some of my mum friends and their children. I held a Princess Party with the help of Baking Mad . They do a one stop party shop where you can choose from a range of party themes - Superheroes, Peter Rabbit, Unicorn, Pirate and Princess.
The kits come with all the ingredients ( except for eggs and butter) to make your chosen cake

I was also sent some of the extra items that you can have to compliment your Princess party and these were Cake Plates, Napkins, Crowns, Party Bags and a stunning Princess Castle centrepiece which was amazing!! All the girls were playing with it!

Included in the Baking Kit are step by step instructions on how to make your centrepiece - So Molly and I got to work in the kitchen to make it!

Of course dressing up as a Princess whilst you are making the cake is optional!
Once the cake was baked and cooled then we got on with the decorations for it - Now I love to bake but I stay clear of fondant icing as I can't seem to get it to work ! I think it's mainly because I am too impatient and not at all neat - so this was a real challenge for me - I roped in the help of Molly and Henry and we got to work!

I was pleased at how it turned out for a first attempt but I think I could do with a little more practice !

I cleverly hid the odd looking bits with the princesses! 

So that was the cake made ! Then we just had to wait for the guests! We had 9 mums and 12 children over and the majority of them dressed up! I was so pleased! Any excuse to dress as a Princess! The kids played pass the parcel and a few rounds of musical statues and then we had the Cake and the Cupcakes.

And the lovely people at Baking Mad kindly gave all the mums a goody bag each which was a lovely touch.

(one of the little princesses photo bombed this one!)

Here are the little princesses ....

Overall I would say that these baking kits are a great idea - almost everything is included - I would have liked the eggs and butter to be included as well and maybe a selection of different styles that you could make for the cake so that you could choose an easy or more challenging version. 
With thanks to TalkToMums and Baking Mad for the opportunity to test these products and have a fabulous Princess Party!

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