Thursday 27 May 2010

Cheese cakes in shot glasses

I went to a BBQ at the weekend (well it was a fancy dress and I was a Palm Tree!) and thought that everyone would bring sausages but not desserts so I thought about using 25 shot glasses that I have and made some mini Lemon cheesecakes. I didn't manage to take a photo as by the time I thought about it they were being eaten! The base was smashed chocolate chip cookies bind ed together with butter , then I put a layer of chocolate on and then the filling which was marscapone cheese with icing sugar and lemon mixed in. To finish I placed a raspberry on the top. They were delicious - just the right amount as they were quite rich.... The only disappointment was that as I had put them in the fridge the chocolate had hardened and it was difficult to leaver the base out but like true soldiers we all managed to get through!

This is what they should have looked like although I did manage to get chocolate everywhere on some of the glasses... still tasted good!

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