Sunday 16 May 2010

Cookery Books...

I am addicted to cookery books - I have hundreds of them and feel that there is always room on my shelves for more! I love nothing more than curling up in bed and reading all about the recipes that I could be doing had I got more time/inclination/wasn't in bed.

I read them like you would read a novel ( which I also do and am currently battling my way through The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo , everyone I have spoken to have said it is good but I am struggling at the moment but I don’t like to admit defeat on a book so I will get to the end!) .

Books aren’t my only problem - cookery magazines are also lethal to me - in fact they are worse as they are all over my house, the other day I decided that I need to control these before they took over my life and I ended up being one of those people you hear about on the news ‘Woman trapped in own home by squillions of magazines that she can’t bear to throw out’ that or ‘Mad cat woman found alone with 900 cats for company’ but that is another story! So in the need for control I have started to rip my favourite ones out of the magazines and have a pile of dead magazines for recycling - Clever Claire!!! But now what to do with the cuttings that I have ripped out! How do I organise them? Think I will have to have a lie down with a cookery book to think about it…..

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