Friday 7 June 2013

Blueberry, Raspberry & white chocolate GOOD FOR YOU muffins

I never know whether I like muffins so it seems a bit weird to be making them! I don't really like the shop bought Blueberry muffins although if they were presented in front of me then I would eat them... In fact you could say that about most cake although if there were bananas in them then NO WAY would I touch them... even if they had delicious salted caramel in them... can't stand bananas which is causing a slight problem with feeding them to Molly! So far she only has them when we visit Grandma... Anyway back to muffins. The sun has finally arrived and on a Tuesday Molly and I meet up with our NCT mummies and babies and take it in turns going to each others houses but as it was lovely we decided to go to the park and I volunteered to bring some cake as I had seen this easy to make low fat muffins and we are all on diets trying to lose our baby weight. My weight is going very very slowly could be all the cake?.... No?
I strayed ever so slightly from the recipe and added white chocolate chips to them so probably not as low fat as they should have been .. Oops

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