Tuesday 4 June 2013

May Foodie Penpals

My second month in the foodie penpals and I love it !! I received a lovely parcel from Paula at Try that wine which was full of yummy things........

Bacon Jam - Have seen this before and wondered what it tastes like... it is delicious and I get to eat it all as my partner is vegetarian.. shame! I haven't bought it before as was slightly put off by the fact that it is called Jam and imagined it to be sweet but it isn't, its like a chutney with bacon bits , I had it with salmon fillets which does sound odd but worked!
Cheeky Frog Popcorn - Fortunately there were 2 packets in the box so there wasn't any fighting between Stephen and I as to who had the most - this was yummy - chocolate orange flavour -had just enough chocolate to satisfy me and a lovely orange taste to it -  It will be hunting this out so that I can have some more.
Peters Yard Crispbread - This gave me a fab excuse to buy some delicious cheese- these are wafer thin crackers and have a lovely crisp texture and I think have a sourdough type taste to them - they were fantastic with the stilton that I bought.
Homemade Cherry Muffins - Now there were 2 of these but I couldnt stop myself and ate one as soon as I opened the parcel and then remembered that I hadn't taken a photo - oooppps they were packaged beautifully as well! They tasted gorgeous and Paula told me they were from Lorraine Pascals cookbooks and  as I appear to have all of her cookbooks (how did that happen??) then I will be trying these .
Olive Crispbreads - Again delicious and have these with some hummus one night whilst watching the TV - good snackage.
Selection of teas that I haven't yet tried but intend to this week and finally saving the best till last
Petes' homemade marmalade - Paulas' husband makes marmalade - It was sooo delicious had a carrabbean twist to it as there was some rum to it - made my toast very happy!
Thanks again to Paula for your thoughtful parcel..
Stephen calls them my food rations! Roll on next month.....

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