Tuesday 23 July 2013

Carrot cake cupcakes

I had a bargain find in the local shop the other day! Grated carrots for 10p!! They were in the 'whoops' section so did need to be used so I scoured the internet for a carrot cupcake recipe thinking that I would eat a few and freeze a few... right! Needless to say we ate them all.
I love carrot cake it is one of my favourites to make as it is so easy (none of that creaming everything malarky) and tastes delicious - the only painful bit is all the grating! By hand it takes forever and if you use the food processor not sure whether it is just me or not but the Kitchen tends to be covered with carrot gratings ....then you have to wash it all up as I never put the bowl or lid in the dishwasher in case they go 'all funny' , so the luxury of having them already grated... I could hardly wait!

I used this recipe  - with a few alterations! For a start I don't know whether I used vegetable oil or sunflower oil as the label has slid off the bottle ! I checkd on the internet to see if either were ok and found that yes it would be fine!  I couldn't find any mixed spice in my spice cabinet so used 'all spice' instead and only used 50g of the wholemeal flour and the rest normal self raising, and finally I didn't put a topping on them - I was going to but couldn't wait to try them and they tasted so good that I didn't bother! Next time I will!

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