Monday 29 July 2013

Meal planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

I'm going to try to plan meals for this week again. This time I decided to use 3 of my cookbooks as a guide.
Bill Granger - Easy
Sophie Dahl - Voluptuous Delights
Weight Watchers - The Smart Cook.
I have hundreds of cookbooks and feel that I should use them sometimes! It is so easy just to Google for a recipe though! So here is my week from my books.
Monday - vegetable and lentil stew
Tuesday - prawn curry & Indian spiced potatoes
Wednesday - oven roasted ratatouille & fish (not sure what yet)
Thursday - omelette & spinach cannelloni pancakes  with salad
Friday - salmon and rice salad
I'm also going to slip in a few desserts along the way including a chocolate chip merengue and berries as well as attempting some home made icecream . Feel exhausted now - shall have a cup of tea and a sit down......

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