Monday 1 July 2013


Stephen , Molly and I went to Spain for a weeks holiday - I am very lucky that my dad lives there and has done for the past 20 years so I always have a lovely place to stay. In my 20's I lived there for a few years deciding what i wanted to do with the rest of my life ( still wondering what to do now!) so have some lovely friends there and know the area pretty well. Its Southern Spain a small village called Beznar. It has fabulous views and is relatively unspoilt.
This was my view every day .... whats not to love...
This is my favourite tree in the garden.

The Gin and Tonic tree - every garden should have one.. if only we had the weather.... Speaking of G&T's this is a 'little' one that we had on the last night... in a brandy glass...Lots and lots of Gin. I couldn't drink it all
In this region of Spain whenever you order an alcoholic drink you get a free dish of tapas, this can be anything from a plate of olives to a mini paella. Most of the bars compete with each other to showcase their tapas and you never get the same dish twice! The fish dishes are my favourites as well as little sausages. This one is fish in a batter with the best tomatoes.
On the last 2 nights we stayed in a lovely hotel by the seaside of La Herradura called La Tartuna . It is a pretty boutique hotel with the most amazing restaurant with fabulous views over the sea. They were very busy with bookings and apparently it is like that all year round. I can see why. It began with a little amuse-bouche of Hummous with caramalised onions and bread made in their own kitchen.
We went straight for a main course ( so we wouldn't feel guilty about eating a dessert!) and I had  Char grilled chicken with a  smoked chilli butter, slow roasted tomatoes, roasted baby artichokes, grilled red peppers and rocket.
It was delicious - slightly hidden by all the rocket!
And for dessert I had the trio of chocolate desserts which were White Chocolate Creme brulee,Minted Chocolate chip ice cream and Salted chocolate ganache tart ... oh it was good - I was so desperate for my dessert that had to try it and then realised I hadn't taken a photo so there are a few bites out of it! the best bit was the tart it was smooth and highly chocolatey that clings to the inside of your mouth as you eat it.
Stephen had Prawn , Salmon and Sea Bream with a lobster bisque and said it was one of the best bisques he has ever had. We were both very happy with the end to our holiday.
 Molly sat with us throughout the 3 hours chatting and burbling away and nibbling on bits of bread that we fed her. It was like having a little duck with us!
Just have to wait for the next holiday now......


  1. It looks like you had a good time. Can't beat eating good food nod drinking :-)

  2. I am stowing away with you next time!! :)