Wednesday 3 July 2013

June Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

A whole month since the last foodie penpal! Doesn't time fly....I am a bit late with my reveal but here it is
This month my parcel was from Rachel at  She sent me a lovely parcel it was her first month participating and I can say that it was a fabulous parcel to receive....
The Number 1 rosette was a chocolate medallion that lasted about 30 seconds....mmmmm
The Cranberry and Orange cookies were very nice - I managed to hide them from Stephen so could have them with a cup of coffee at my leisure.
I haven't seen the Roast Potato seasoning before and in Rachels note she said she has it A LOT so looking forward to using these have found a lovely recipe for a nut roast that I want to try so will make these at the same time.
There are 3 differnt types of Green Tea - with Orange & Lotus flower, with Cranberry and with Apple & Pear. I'm not really a fan of herbal teas (sorry Rachel!) as I find they smell more than they taste however I was determinded to give them a go. I tried the apple and pear and iit wasn't as bad as I feared! It was refreshing.
Finally the baking goodies.... Rachel had seen from my blog that I was a bit of a baker and sent this fabulous book........

I love cookies and all of these recipes seem really simple I am going to try this one first....
And on top of all of these lovely gifts she also sent me some pastry cutters - surprisingly I don't have any and keep meaning to buy some - I use a glass for cutting out cookies etc and each time I think I must get a cutter!
I'm thrilled with my goodies Rachel and hope that your first parcel was as lovely as mine.
the pen pal I was paired up with was a lovely lady called Amanda over at  who like me is a bit of a baking queen.. This was also her first month participating so I hope she liked her goodies!
Roll on next month ....mmmmmmm
If you would like to participate next month click here ...

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