Monday 28 October 2013

Meal Planning Monday

What a blowy day! I don't want to leave the house today but we are out of essentials - booo so will wrap up and fly my way over to the shops.
Last weeks meals were delicious as always ( as I cook them of course they were!) My favourite dish was the fish pie with filo pastry - I made lots of it and put another one in the freezer minus the filo so will have that this week with mash on the top instead.
Here is how the week is looking...

Monday - Fish pie with a sweet potato mash topping
Tuesday - Paneer curry
Wednesday - staying with my mum
Thursday - Spooky Halloween pie
Friday - Home made fish and chips.

If you would like to join in with meal planning or would like to browse other peoples menus head on over to Mrs M


  1. Yum!! Everything sounds fab!! I'm liking the sound of Spooky Halloween pie...Interesting x

  2. What is Paneer curry?
    Loving all the halloween dishes this week x

    1. Hi Joanna - its a cheese used in Indian cooking, its delicious!