Thursday 10 October 2013

Molly's 1st Birthday!!

It was Molly's 1st Birthday a couple of weeks ago and we had a few celebrations for her! The first was a joint party with 2 other babies who were also one in the same week - we hired a hall and had a soft play area - it was great fun and Molly loved it but she was exhausted! I couldn't not make her a birthday cake and fretted about it for weeks! I was obsessed with Pinterest and tagged lots of pictures for inspiration. It had to be simple ( of course! everything I do has to be!) but also look pretty. I really wanted to make some sort of cat cake but in the end I didn't have the time so I looked for decorations that had good old smarties in them! You can't fail with smarties and it is a traditional 1st birthday decoration style - well it is now so there! So once I had the smarties sorted it was what cake to make?? Chocolate of course - Every baby has their 1st birthday cake made of chocolate... So I used my old faithful through it all together cake  and  I also cheated by using ready made chocolate icing - as usual I didn't leave myself enough time to make everything!
And here is the finished article... not as pretty as I wanted it to be as some of the chocolate got on the smarties...

My mum also made a fab cake too....
Isn't it sweet! It is 2 fruit cakes - one of them is in the freezer as we were over run by cake!!
We all decided that we wanted to make a cake each for our daughters and these are the other 2.
Alexa made this very yummy white chocolate cake..mmmmmm
Hannah didn't have time to make a big cake so cleverly made lots of little cakes which were delicious!
 And this is the birthday girl!

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