Monday 14 October 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Another week and as I type this the rain is coming down and it is really dark for a Monday morning - but it makes me feel very cosy!
Last weeks meals seemed to go to plan apart from the Aubergine lasagne didn't make an appearance and instead we had a potato gratin which had layers of smoked salmon in it... mmm delicious...

So here is this week...
Monday - Mackerel Carbonara ( Jamie Oliver recipe from his new book)
Tuesday - Prawn Curry ( recipe saved from Delicious magazine)
Wednesday - Out for dinner with the girls ( can't wait!!)
Thursday - Aubergine Lasagne ( Another Jamie !! going to try and make it this week!)
Friday - Pesto , Pasta Surprise - The Surprise is whatever I happen to find to add to it!

Will also attempt to make a few desserts this week - I have a freezer full of raspberries and lots of lemons to use up.

As usual if you would like to look over at Mrs M and check out what everyone else is making , click here...


  1. hahaha! I like the sound of the Pesto , Pasta

  2. I like Wednesdays meal! Hope you had a good time (you should be just about making the Lasagna as I type this, hope it goes well) x