Monday 21 October 2013

Meal planning Monday

Evening! Bit late on the meal planning this week, have had a hectic day cooking. I made some delicious salmon fish balls for Molly and she wouldn't eat them!!!!! Arggghhhhhh its so annoying!
Last weeks meals went to plan although some of the days were jumbled. The aubergine lasagne was very delicious! I cut a few corners and rather than steam the aubergines for 30 mins, I blasted them in Mickey the Microwave for 4 mins! (BTW you have to name all your household goods.... Derek the Dishwasher is currently on his rinse cycle...)
I have also discovered these meal planners that are in the sale from Joules at a bargain of only £2.70 and free delivery to your local store if you have one nearby. You can tear off each week and attach to the fridge. I bought a couple for Christmas presents. Feel so smug!
Back to this week..... I found in my pile of a squillion cookbooks one of the freebie little magazines that is entitled Fresh Family Food ,20 minute suppers - right up my street so I shall be using it this week..
Monday - filo topped fish pie and plum and pecan crumble from Novella Lawson Domestic Goddess cookbook.
Tuesday - crusty pasta and broccoli bake.
Wednesday - creamy backed haddock & tatties
Thursday - off to Walberswick for the weekend so probably a curry.
Friday - Fish cakes of some sort (easy to take with us!)
Saturday - lunch with Stephens parents which I am cooking thinking of Rosti bolognase pie.
If you would like to see what everyone else is cooking this week, head over to Mrs M .


  1. Those meal planners look fab!!
    Sounds like a fab week! Enjoy x

    1. I love stationery!! I have lots of sticky notes too!

  2. Fish cakes not had those in years. My Granda used to make really nice ones, haven't tasted any as nice since. Might attempt to make them sometime :).

    Enjoy your weekend away :) xx

    1. Thank you! Hope the fish cakes are more successful than the ones I made for Molly today!!!

  3. Yay for pretty stationary! Have a fab week.