Tuesday 22 October 2013

Over the top?

We went to London to celebrate Molly's birthday a little bit more!! (you are only 1 once after all!) with the help of family this time, I said that I would make a cake... I knew exactly which one I wanted to make - I have seen these all over Pinterest and was dying to have an opportunity to make it - but it had to be with a large gathering of people as I could see that it would be really really huge!
This is the cake!
(not the best photo! I still keep forgetting to take pictures when I have made things!)

As it was going to be a bit decadent I spent a little more time on making it ( yes I found the time!!) I used a mixture of recipes both from the Hummingbird books - the triple layer sponge was the Brooklyn Blackout Cak e from The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook and then I made a salty caramel filling from the Sweet and Salty Chocolate cake from The Hummingbird Cake days. I love both of these cookbooks and also have the other one Home Sweet Home which I have yet to use.
I was a bit worried that the cakes would be too high for the Kit Kats but they didn't rise as much as I thought they would which was just as well. For the icing I again used the Dr Oetker fudge icing - I needed to use a lot for 3 layers and to go all over the cake.
This is a very forgiving cake... It doesn't matter what state the cake is in the Kit Kats hide everything! I used about 10 packets of Kit Kats ( that came in packs of 5) - Don't think about the calories! I found in Sainsburys pink Smarties that are on sale for Christmas - perfect!! I used 2 big tubes - I am really really pleased with the end result and would make it again - Stephen couldn't stop laughing when I made it and called it a monster! It was really rich and gooey thanks to the salted caramel - a slice with 2 Kit Kat fingers was more than enough. However I may have had a few helpings!!!
This is how it looked after we had attacked it...... ( there were 8 of us!)

I am entering this in the Alphabakes cake challenge hosted by Caroline Makes and Ros at The More than occasional baker. Each month a letter is chosen at random and this month it is C - I expect there is a lot of Chocolate and Cake!

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  1. I love this cake! I keep meaning to make one too but have never gotten round to it. Thanks for entering AlphaBakes.