Wednesday 20 November 2013

Pumpkin Carrot Cake

Well it isn't really a carrot cake - even though there are some carrot decorations - I had to use them up!!

 I replaced the carrot for the pumpkin. In my October parcel I received a tin of Pumpkin Puree and after thinking long and hard ( I spent hours looking at Pinterest and googling for pumpkin inspired recipes!!) I decided on making it into a cake.
I made my favourite carrot cake recipe from the Humming Bird cook book and instead of the carrots I added just over half of the tin of pumpkin puree. It was so much easier to open a tin and pour out the contents rather than grate the carrots which is always a pain and I end up with it all over the kitchen!

For the frosting I added cream cheese to icing sugar, I have tried with low fat cream cheese before thinking that I could at least make the topping less calorific but it doesn't work -you have to use the full fat stuff!

I took the cake to a firework party that we went to - it was lovely and moist, the spices go really well with the pumpkin. You couldn't really taste the pumpkin but you knew that there was something In the cake if that makes any sense!

With the remaining pumpkin filling I made some 'cheats' Pumpkin Pancakes that you can see here,

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