Monday 2 December 2013

Foodie Penpals November

All fun and games this month with foodie penpals! The original people that I was giving to and receiving from both pulled out so I was rematched to send to Claire at The Black Cat Kitchen  (have a peek at the items I sent her)  , I received a really  lovely parcel from Julie of Joolsy67 
After a long weekend away it was exciting to get this parcel hidden in the cupboard by the front door (the only perk of living in a flat is the cupboard by the front door! Don't get me started on all the stairs!)
As soon as I opened it I spotted the Lemoncurd chocolate and had to try it - I had to take a photo quick of it before I ate it all!
In Julies note she said she loved these and I can see why OMG divine.
 Molly had her eye on the Apple crisps and loves them - Haven't used G&B cooking chocolate mmm Stephen asked me to make brownies so that is my weekend sorted! The Dragon bar is a blackcurrant museli fruit bar which is delicious - chewy and fruity.
 This is a little bag of goodness - Star Anise which Julie said would be delicious in Mulled wine - oh Yes please! Have some friends over at the weekend so will make some. And also some nutmeg which is THE Christmas spice.
I am so pleased to find this bottle of Rapeseed Oil I haven't had any before so happy to be able to try some - that is why I love Foodie penpals you get things that you wouldn't normally try.

Here is Molly checking the contents for me!
A fab and festive parcel thank you Julie. If you would like to take part in Foodie Penpals click here and If you would like to see what everyone else received this month click here.
Looking forward to my next parcel next year......

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