Wednesday 29 January 2014

Foodie Penpals January

Foodie Penpals is back after the Christmas break.
This month It was a European affair for me - I sent a parcel to Vanessa who lives in Greece - she doesn't have a blog to link to, and I my parcel came from the very chatty Susanna in Holland , this is her blog A World in my oven . I had a very funny and chatty initial email from Susanna , she is hilarious and I really enjoyed emailing her.
I asked Susanna to send me some sweet items and especially Speculaas that I had heard of and would love to try - she didn't disappoint!!

This is my box of goodies!!
The Pickwick box is tea which sounds interesting! full of spices - I haven't tried this yet as I am not sure about it ! But will give it a go!!
Ontbijtkoek - OMG this is delicious, its a gingery-bread sort of deliciousness that Susanna says I have to have with butter on which I did and I also toasted it - not sure whether that is allowed !!I have eaten half of it and the rest is in the freezer for an emergency!
The waffles are lovely especially if they are slightly melted- just pop them over the top of a cup of tea (to make a sort of lid) for a couple of minutes.....

According to my foodie pen pal these are Hollands national candy and are a love it / hate it sweet that 99% of the English hate - I really liked them - a bit like salty liquorice.
These are Kniepertjes and are a New Years treat best served with whipped cream - unfortunately I don't like cream so I had them crushed in vanilla ice cream - they are a light wafer with aniseed inside .. mmmm...
The biscuits are the Speculaas cookies that I have heard all about and are sold all year round and are in the shape of windmills. They taste of nutmeg and cinnamon and remind me of Christmas.
The cakes taste of Battenburgs! Fantastic!! they didn't last very long in my house!
Finally this is another Speculaas which is eaten on the 5th December to celebrate St Nicholas day.
I loved this months foodie pen pals box - Thank you very much Susanna!
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  1. I received some Dutch liquorice a few months ago and it was one of those items that I'm still not sure that I liked. The initial taste was good but I was left with the same sort of after taste that I get with Camembert where I can feel it in my nose if that makes any sense?

    1. Ha ha I know what you mean! I ate a couple thought they were nice so greedily put 4 in my mouth(!!) Strange aftertaste!