Tuesday 21 January 2014

Christmas Chutney

Happy New Year!!
I have a lot of posts in the pipeline as I didn't think about blogging at all for most of December so there are a few festive ones to be posted starting with this one!
I try to make my own chutneys for Christmas presents but always leave it till the last minute and don't have any time to do it -  so this year I pestered my mum to help me as she has a) a big Kitchen, b) HUGE chutney pans and c) all the gadgets that you need to chop ! Chutney is lovely but it is time consuming all that chopping!!! So on one trip that Molly and I made to stay with mum we got down to business!  I am always saving Jam jars and even buy products because I think that the jar would be fab with home made Lemon Curd , Jam or Chutney in it. So one October day armed with my stash of jars and various vegetables  Molly and I arrived ready for action. We were making Harvest Chutney which mum can make with her eyes shut as she makes loads of it for Red Cross sales -its delicious! We had Uncle Peters Marrows grown in his allotment so there was a lot of family love in these jars. Mum and I took it in turns either chopping  vegetables

 ( with this handy implement XXXXXX) or entertaining a wriggly Molly. We were so engrossed in the whole process that I didn't remember to take any photos!
We made Jars and Jars of it!
In the past I have just put a freezer label on the front and simply written Harvest Chutney - not very wild or interesting but to the point - so this year I was going all guns blazing ! I was sure that I could make something that looked professional..... So I spent my evenings half watching I'm a Celebrity or Strictly Come Dancing with my laptop searching images for inspiration on labels. After many many nights of research found that the best idea would be to use one of the free printables... But which ones?
These are the ones that I opted for and came from http://www.jamlabelizer.com/

You just fill in the fields and save them as a Jpeg - Then print.
This is how they have turned out....

I also made some labels for marmalade - I was pleased with these but they were a little dark, will try one of the other labels next time....

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