Monday 13 January 2014

Meal Planning Monday

Happy New Year!!
I took a break from my part time blogging over Christmas so I have hundreds of blogs to catch up with - where will I find the time???
I had a lovely Christmas and New Year with friends and family and ate and ate and then ate a bit more just in case there was a food shortage later on... So now I feel as full as a hippo and am really looking forward to eating properly! There are still a lot of cakes and chocolate in the house which is a nightmare...I am one of these people that can't rest until all of the sweet things have gone - I can hear them calling from the cupboard.. eat me Claire......
Anyway back to this week and a fresh new year...This is how I hope my meals will look like this week.

Monday - Root veg and Ricotta lasagne ( December Good Food mag)
Tuesday - Prawn Curry
Wednesday - Out
Thursday - Roasted veg with feta cheese
Friday - Fishy surprise Friday ( basically haven't a clue but something with fish!)

I have discovered that you can read magazines on your tablet from the library which is fantastic ! A lot of the magazines are ones that I would not normally buy but love reading - like Marie Claire, Country Living and guilty pleasure Hello! But there are food magazines too!!!! Hurray ! My Good Food subscription was due to be renewed next month but now that this is on the library website I'm not going to and save myself a bit of money. To read the magazines you have to download a free app called Zinio which is where your magazines are stored - easy peasy... Have a look online to see if your library does it to...

To have a nose and join in with meal planning Monday click here for Mrs M

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