Tuesday 2 September 2014

A mini Minion

So much for my comeback ! I dont feel sick anymore which is lovely but have moved house which isn't easy when you are 6 months pregnant and looking after a very boisterous nearly 2 year old toddler who bless her wants to help unpack, I've lost count of how many things I've misplaced! So we have moved to a house from a second floor flat and I can't tell you how fantastic it is not to have to walk up 2 flights of stairs carrying Molly and whatever bag I had let alone being pregnant. Just open the car door and in we go! We've only moved about 8 miles away but its a new village and I am always wanting to make new friends and was very excited to see on the local noticeboard a baking club with a meeting the following week! So I had to go. The people were really friendly all like minded bakers who loved to bake , there were 3 other women who were new that week too which made me feel more at ease. Its a monthly meeting with people taking turns to showcase what they are good at but its not obligatory which is good as I wouldn't have a clue what to do! This  month was a cake decorating session to make a Minion, I know what one is but I haven't seen the films. I haven't really done a lot of work with sugar paste so was very keen to have a go - this is my finished Minion.

We were all given a 'body' and 'head' - these were vanilla sponge cakes that the one of the fellow bakers had made - we covered them with apricot jam as a glue for the yellow paste and then cut out the belt , eyes, trousers etc in the blue and black sugar paste. We did it all in stages so it took a while to do and some bits were a bit fiddly but it was great fun and they all looked very individual when we had finished! It was a fab night and I am so pleased that I made the effort to brave it and go.These are the finished Minions!

 Next month it is bread making which is something I haven't done since school!

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