Wednesday 3 September 2014

Floating Malteser chocolate cake.

I love unusual and excessive cakes and this is one that I saw on Pinterest and once I looked into it realised that it was an easy but impressive cake that I could do for a friends 40th Birthday.

The cake itself was a 3 tiered chocolate cake from my favourite and easiest cake by good old Nigella which you can get here . There were going to be about 20 people so needed a bit of a big cake. Then I smoothered the outside of the cake with chocolate icing and stuck chocolate fingers to it - try not to eat them as you do this!! It took exactly 2 boxes ( maybe a couple escaped for quality control purposes of course) and then the top of cake is smothered in more chocolate icing and I used 2 boxes of Maltesers for the decoration. To start you need to afix the floating Malteser bag ,to achieve thisyou need a bendy straw - the main part goes into the cake and the top short bendy bit holds the bag, dip the top straw part in melted chocolate and put in the corner of the empty packet and hold until dried - you could put this in the fridge to speed up the process. To achieve the floating stream of maltesers  - place the straw in the middle of the cake and with a bowl of melted chocolate dip in maltesers and stick them to the straw. This is time consuming and messy - you have to wait until each one has dried otherwise they start to slide down the straw. I did this on a really hot day as well which was a little difficult. Then leave to dry and set.
The effect is amazing! it was well received and extremely chcolatey - all 20 of us had some with plenty left over.

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