Wednesday 24 September 2014

Blueberry and Lemon Traybake

I love the combination of Blueberry and Lemon together and had a need to make some sort of cake with them and as luck would have it I came across this recipe from the very clever Holly Bell ( Great British Bake off finalist) I love her blog all the recipes are so simple and easy and she is super woman having just had her 3rd child and is still able to do lots of recipes - my idol! I am hoping that when I have had this baby  ( only 2 more weeks to go - Yay!) I too will still have the time to be making lots of cakes!!! 
I have started to 'nest' I have made fish pie, lasagne and this afternoon I'm making a vat of shepherds pie all to go in the freezer so that I can just heat something up without all the stress of what to make for dinner! I have a few apple crumbles squirreled away to...

Back to cake here is the recipe - she made this as a loaf cake however I decided to do it a s a traybake.

They were delicious and moist but my blueberries sank to the bottom - next time I will dust them in some flour before I put them in the mixture. Just reading her blog about this recipe and her blueberries sank too so makes me feel that I am in good company!!

They didn't hang around for long ... mmmmmmm

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