Monday 12 January 2015

Meal Planning Monday

New Year and a new start - I am determined to get organized this year and plan the weeks menus and sort an online shop - its more difficult doing a food shop with 2 babies! I have found it so stressful and I love shopping - more often than not one of them is crying and so I zoom around and inevitably forget something and it is even worse shopping for a couple of items with the 2 of them - getting them in and out of car seats finding a trolley and sometimes making Molly walk which is a nightmare as she likes to get things off the shelves - so for the time being online it is. Does mean that I can't get any 'whoops' items in the reduced section!! My favourite bit! But I can shop whilst in bed breastfeeding at 2am (which is what I was doing last night!).
As it is the New Year I along with millions of other people are trying to be a bit more healthy! Homemade soup for lunch which I love and then more fruit and veg for the evening meal - eating less meat isn't an issue as Stephen is vegetarian so I don't often buy meat just for me and Molly - Henry is too small just yet but I will do in the future,  and once a week a 'naughty' pudding! I do love my puddings. So I have dug out my weightwatchers books for this weeks inspiration...

Mon - Vegetable Moussaka

Tues - Salmon with an orange crust and Tuscan Beans

Weds - Boston baked beans and vegetarian sausages

Thurs -  Quorn Fillets in a red pesto sauce

Fri -  Sea Bass with ginger, chilli and spring onions

As for the 'naughty ' dessert I have a sticky toffee Christmas pudding that I made still in the freezer!

I have joined in for the first time this year with at home with Mrs M and her Meal Planning Monday.
Lets hope I can keep this up for at least a month!

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