Monday 19 January 2015

Meal Planning Monday

Last weeks meals were fab! I had forgotten how life is so much easier when you meal plan! I only did one shop last week and that was online and only popped into the shop once to buy a bottle of wine! So I am all prepared again this week! I have used some recipes from one of my millions of books - this week I've been using a book called Top Bananas that I downloaded on to my Kindle app when it was only a pound! its got lots of easy and quick recipes in it.

Monday - Salmon fishcakes and sugar snap peas

Tuesday - Sophisticated Sea Bass (from Top Bananas)

Wednesday - Fajitas

Thursday - Layered Aubergine Bake ( Top Bananas)

Friday - Risotto with what ever vegetables are around.

I have a food delivery coming this evening - how exciting! Life on the edge - right I am off to work out how to add on the 'about me' section to my blog....

I have joined in with the meal planning Monday crew here at home with Mrs M


  1. I love risotto, but I hate having to stand there and stir it! Your meal plan sounds lovely. Have a great week xx

  2. Woohoo, meal planning convert. Your plan sounds delicious x

  3. All of your meals sound delicious! Have a great week x