Saturday 25 April 2015

A simple tote bag

Hello neglected blog ...... Where does the time go? Oh I forgot I have 2 children under 3 keeping me busy! But I have found the time to do a little bit of sewing....
I got a sewing machine for Christmas and have been busy playing with it! I enrolled on a learning to sew course in January at Carolyn Rose Sewing School in Leamington It was 2 Sundays and I could take Henry with me as well! Bonus as I am breastfeeding so can't leave him for long periods of time - On my first Sunday I was told that there were going to be a couple of other people but they cancelled at the last minute so I had individual tuition! And to top it all Henry slept throughout both the Sundays so I had some me time! I loved it - The project was a tote bag ( I love a tote bag - have gazillions of them!) I learnt so much from how to draw the pattern , pressing the fabric, where to put the pins, sewing a zip, making pockets and sewing a button hole using my machine ( OMG how easy is that! I was so proud of myself!) .... I was so pleased with myself when I had finished that I bought some more fabric and had another go a few weeks later so that I wouldn't forget all that I had learnt. This time I didn't do a pocket inside but I did line it again I feel like such a clever clogs!
Here is the finished article - the first bag

It is a lovely green and white spotty fabric with a front pocket ( notice the lovely spotty button! I'm very proud of that!)
And then inside the bag there is another zipped pocket - this is a shot of the bag inside - looks a bit weird! I opened the bag and took the photo! wasn't too sure how to show you otherwise!

For my second bag that I did at home I decided to dispense with the pocket inside and have a go at lining it - using the button hole foot on the machine took some getting used to - I had to watch a lot of YouTube videos before I managed to get it right.
Here it is ....

This is a flowery one with a spotty button ( love a spotty button) and to carry on with the red spots I used this for my lining fabric... The lining was a bit fiddly but again I had a look at YouTube to sew how to do it ( They always make things look so simple!!!)

I was really pleased with both of the bags but more impressed with the second one as I did it all by myself and it has given me a lot of confidence in attempting more projects.
So everyone will get a bag from me for Christmas! ha ha ha - I have been busy sewing lots of other things that I will post in the next few weeks..

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  1. These are fab! You can't have too many tote bags. You are so clever. I love the spotty buttons - who knew there were so many varieties :) x