Wednesday 5 August 2015

Hello Fresh - Cooking made easy

This week I have had a free box of 3 meals from Hello Fresh that my lovely friend Sarah sent me. I have tried Hello Fresh before and they are fab - delicious and easy to do with fantastic results.
My 3 meals were vegetarian and all of them are meals that I wouldn't have bothered to try normally. The meals are : Coconut Dal with Homemade Chapati, Sweet Potato Wraps, Minted Tzatziki & toasted Almonds and Bodacious Black Bean, Halloumi and Quinoa Salad.
So first one is the Halloumi recipe. The box comes with everything you need this recipe included - Quinoa, Salad onion, red pepper, spinach, Organic black beans, coriander, corn on the cob, Halloumi, smoked paprika and lime. The recipe was quick and only took 25 mins.
The recipe cards are easy to follow I love how there are photos to show you how to do some steps.

This is my finished meal .....

And this is the Hello Fresh version.......

I really enjoyed this meal - I haven't used Quinoa ( apparently prounced Keeenwaaaaaaa!) before and was worried that there wouldn't be enough for me and Stephen - I was also convinced that it would be bland but I was very very surprised!!! It was delicious, there was a lot of taste and each mouthful was lovely and crunchy. There was plenty for 2 people ( stephen had seconds and took a large portion to work the next day). I would make this one again and pleased that I had a go...... Next one to try is Coconut Dal with Homemade Chapati.............

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  1. As usual I'm reading on catch up - glad you had a good meals with the box - I haven't quite attempted quinoa yet, always sounds a bit poncy, but perhaps I should give it a try! :)