Tuesday 11 August 2015

Homemade Pizza

I have never made Pizza before - there I have admitted it! I now know how easy it is and am ashamed of myself... But only slightly because sometimes you just can't beat a  Dr ooooeeeeetttkkkeeeerrr pizza!
Baking club last month was all about Pizzas! We had our lovely artisan baker Paul come and give us a demonstration on how to make pizza. So I am now a convert and will be making some of my own pizzas however in my defense making pizza hasn't been on my list of priorities since I have 2 children under 3 - just getting through the day is an achievement in itself ! But now that Molly is getting a little older I will definately have a go.

This is my finished pizza

I only took one photo as I was so busy chatting to everyone ! I've said it before but I will say it again! I love baking club! the people are lovely and we have a great laugh.
The pizza sauce that we used was a Jamie Oliver one it was delicious and can be easily frozen. My toppings were mushrooms, peppers,onions and of course cheese. It was delicious - homemade pizzas are the best!
It wasn't just pizza that we ate at baking club - we were all asked to bring something homemade and this months topic was anything Italien. So I made Cantuccini which is like biscotti but doesn't need baking twice.

They were delicious - I chose to make them with dark chocolate and almonds , they were so easy to make and they would be fabulous with coffee.

 - I am going to make some for christmas presents, making them christmassy with  cranberry and white chocolate.. Mouth is watering thinking about them....

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  1. Home-made pizza is ace - and Molly can help you with the toppings!