Monday 5 October 2015

Foodie Penpals - September

Love Love Love when I get my food parcel each month!
This month I sent a parcel to Belle it as her first time participating so I felt the pressure to make it a good one! She didn't have any preferences for anything which was good . You can read about it HERE fortunately she liked it!

My parcel came from Lithuania this month and I had some lovely things......

In my parcel I received some of Kamiles' favourite Lithuanian things which was fab.

* Bar of dark chocolate
* sweeties with fabulous Lobsters on the outside ( they don't taste of Lobster thankfully!)

* Chocolate mushrooms (these have all gone now - Molly loved them!)

* Fried Bread
* Dried Sausages ( really looking forward to these)

* Cheese and garlic bread sticks
* A sauce that Kamel says is lovely with meat.

She also included this postcard from her home town and wrote details of all my gifts on the back.

Once again a lovely parcel to receive, Looking forward to next months treats! - if you would like to join in click HERE

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