Wednesday 7 October 2015

Frances Quinn - Bake off Winner 2014

I love the Bake off  and have watched all the series so was very excited to hear that Frances Quinn last years winner was coming to Warwick to talk about her new book Quinntessential Baking .

I went with 18 of us from our local baking group and we all managed to get there early and sit on the front 2 rows. I wasn't sure what to expect and I hadn't even looked at her cookery book but after listening to her talk about it have asked lovely Stephen to get it for me for Christmas ( I know its only October but I have to start early with my suggestions!).
She talked for an hour and a half and had a power point presentation with a couple of videos to show - now that to me sounds really dull but it was quite the opposite. Frances is very confident and a natural speaker and very funny - she not only went through her book talking about her inspiration for it but spoke of the Bake off and the process she went through. It was interesting to hear what happens in the background - apparently in one of the first episodes she had a curdling disaster and said that if anything slightly wrong happens all the camera men descend on you! But fortunately as there were so many of them in the beginning she got away with it. She also spoke of some of the commissions that she has been asked to do since winning.

She had a couple of videos to show - this one is may favourite - How to make her marzipan bees
Frances is so creative and makes eveything she bakes look so easy and effortless. It was a fantastic evening despite that fact that I was coughing like a lunatic trying not to ruin it for everyone! Have a bit of a Bake Off few weeks coming up... watch this space...

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