Friday 16 October 2015

Easy sew girls skirts

One of the reasons I wanted to learn to sew was so that I could make clothes for Molly and Henry. I have as usual researched a lot on Pinterest . There were hundreds of pins of easy sew dresses but I wanted to be able to see how to make one , I then remembered good old YouTube! Of course! There were lots and lots of videos but the best one was so simple and was really short. I hate listening to people prattle on about what they have made, who they are for, where they got the fabric from.. Grrrrrr JUST GET ON AND SHOW ME WHAT TO DO! phew feel better now.
This is the link to the video tutorial here   Dana explains what to do without prattling on - I have watched a few of her other videos and they are all very simple - plus she is very chirpy and happy which is always good - her website is full of inspiring things to make too.

Making these skirts is so easy and the sense of achievment is fab - I am constantly asked where I got Mollys skirts from and it is exciting to say I Made Them!!!
So this is the first one I made.....

This is one that I made for Easter and got a little adventurous and added a stripe to the bottom of the skirt and love the effect. (Molly posing for the camera!)

The foxes one is my favourite though - how cute is this pattern!

 Drama queen - she is saying no more photos!

I could make these forever as there is so much material that I love!
I want to make some more for the winter including a Halloween one... Going to try to make pyjamas for Molly and Henry next....

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