Saturday 17 October 2015

More GBBO - Christine Wallace

Its been a Great British Bake Off few weeks (with more to come...) Last week at the local baking group that I belong to we had a special guest of Christine Wallace - quarter finalist on the 2013 GBBO series. This was her second time here, last year she came and made her delicious 99ers that she did on the show. This year she made muffins and oh my they were delicious!!! I am not really a muffin person I find them to dry and not very exciting but Christine has changed my mind on these!! She made Coconut Lime and  Blueberry muffins as well as Chocolate Walnut Whip muffins. Both were heavenly.... The Coconut,Lime and Blueberry ones had a shot of Lime curd in the middle of them which made them delicious. The chocolate ones had marshmallows hidden inside as well as marshmallow fluff - not one for people on a diet!

Coconut Blueberry and Lime Muffins

Chocolate Walnut Whip Muffins

They are from her cookbook - 50 comfort recipes that you can get HERE

She was also here to judge our own version of a Bakeoff challenge - we were all asked to bring in 4 vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and Christine judged who the best 3 were. There were 18 entries

These are all the entries waiting to be judged

My entry!

Christine tasting my cakes!

Thirsty work tasting 18 cupcakes!

 and guesss what..... I WON!!!!! I was so surprised and shocked infact I am still very excited that I won! I used a good old Mary Berry Recipe to be in keeping with the GBBO theme.
My prize was a signed copy of her book and a lovely vanilla car freshner..

Winning Cupcakes!

So excited!!!

We even made it in to the local newspaper! How exciting!

It was a fab evening , I have had so many lovely comments and messages from friends about my little win. I am still in shock that my little cupcakes won !

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