Saturday 31 October 2015

Foodie Penpals - October

This month my foodie penpal came from France - Anne at Les Recettes du panier . I sent my parcel to Kate in Wales -she doesn't have a blog. This is what I sent to Kate

And here is my lovely parcel from France....

There was a lovely note from Anne apologising for the fact that she couldn't get any Macaroons as I asked if she could find any but it didn't matter as there were some gorgeous treats to make up for it!!
Look at these lovely biscuits...

Look how pretty they are all wrapped up! I opened these immediately and they didn't disappoint they were lovely , buttery and light delicious! so I had a few of them! They are gorgeous crumbled over ice cream as well..

I love Lindt chocolate and haven't tried the Raspberry flavour before - mmm delicious, its very rich so a couple of squares are enough to crave my chocolate hunger at a time.

Popcorn - you can't go wrong with popcorn - this is waiting to be consumed on a movie night.

When you open this there is a lovely aroma of pears - it is pear pieces covered in dark chocolate - I ate these in my morning granola and it was divine.

I can't wait to use this - its a lovely cookie cutter with a stencil on the top.

There was also a lovely Eiffel Tower keyring that Anne sent but Molly has taken it and its in her toy box somewhere!!!
Once again a lovely Foodie Penpal - next month is the last one until January so if you want to join head over t Carol Anne at her Blog


  1. Hi Claire, just checking you got my reply to your email regarding foodie penpals.I am having trouble with my emails not sending! X
    Sharon Robinson.x

    1. Hi, sorry have only just seen your message! Have emailed you x

    2. Hi, sorry have only just seen your message! Have emailed you x