Monday 9 November 2015

Henry's 1st BirthdayBirthday

I can't beleive that my little sausage Henry is one already! This year has flown by. He is a gorgeous little monkey but still doesn't like to sleep at night which is driving me crazy ! But otherwise he is perfect!
He didn't have a party but I did make a cake and shared it with some of Mollys' friends ( Henry doesn't have any friends of his age! Poor thing!).

Birthday Boy

I didn't want to do another chocolate cake - not that I don't LOVE chocolate cake but wanted a bit of a change so I made a Carrot Cake this one from Rachel Allen  its a really easy recipe. I didn't have any sunflower oil so used this Rice Bran Oil
Alfa One 100% pure rice bran oil

.... I have had it on my shelf for ages and have forgotten all about it so when I realised I didn't have any sunflower oil I read up on Rice Bran Oil and realised it was the perfect alternative - it says on the bottle that it is perfect for baking and is good for you! So I convinced myself that my cake was a healthy one ! Not only did it have carrots and raisins but healthy oil!! Win Win in my book. The cake turned out to be delicious and had a lovely nutty flavour - adults and children all liked it. I will be using this oil again.

Happy Birthday Henry!

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