Wednesday 10 February 2016

February Foodie Penpals

This month my parcel came from Lithuania! I love getting any food parcels but it is always exciting to get one from a country I am not really familiar with.
My Pen Pal Greta sent these lovely things .....

There were some lovely items - there wasn't anything that I didn't really like....

 Aha - No not the Norweigian pop band! When I first opened these I expected them to be cheesy like our version of Wotsits but they aren't they are a sweet version of Wotsits - The children love them!
 I love that Greta has sent a cake mix what a clever idea! I might send one in my next foodie box! - I haven't made this yet but really looking forward to having a go.
Some lovely sachets of herbs that Greta says are lovely for soups and some fruit bars which were delicious a bit fudgy but have no idea what were in them!
I thought the children would like these as they are rice cakes and they love them normally but neither were keen - they had a yoghurt coating on in fruit flavours I liked them so I have eaten them... all!
These 2 packets were the best of the parcel - the yellow ones look like shreddies but tasted like custard creams - they vanished in hours! The Karuna were some lovely squidgy chocolates and also vanished fast.
Finally some cheese! I haven't had cheese in a parcel before and this was a lovely treat - tasted a bit like a very creamy version of parmesan if that makes sense!

Overall one of the best food parcels I have had yet! But I say that every time!! Next months parcel is coming from Germany! Can't wait!
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