Monday 15 February 2016

Meal Planning Monday - 15th February 2016

Another successful meal planning week! I have signed up for the free month delivery saver from Tesco and I love it - I try to be ahead of myself and plan meals but I am normally sat on a Friday Night only just deciding to do an online shop and the delivery charges can be £6 for next day ( which is always when I need it !) for me that is a lot so this saver is great as you only pay a monthly fee and with the option I have chosen you can order anytime and its free. Love it!! I will continue with it after my free trial as shopping with these 2 monkeys is still annoying!
Back to meals! Last week the Smoked haddock and mushroom pie was my favourite and I forgot to do the Piri Piri prawns so make sneak these in at the weekend. As it was valentines weekend we ate a lot so trying to do a healthy one this week and all my recipes are from this months Weight Watchers magazine.

Monday - Chestnut mushroom and chickpea curry.

Tuesday - Baked Cod with a red pesto crush, New potatoes and green beans

Wednesday - Roasted Mushroom Pasta

Thursday - Ginger Salmon with spicy dhal

Friday - Sausage and lentil braise.

Its making me hungry already....

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